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We visited Arnot St Mary Primary School to take part in their aspirations week. The Practice owner Paul and Dental Nurse Samantha visited the reception and nursery classes today to chat to the children about what a dentist and a dental nurse does in their profession.

The purpose of the visit was to help the children begin to have an idea of what profession/job they would aspire to do when they are older and how they could achieve it.

The children were shown a skull and some instruments that the dentist uses, these were passed around for a closer inspection, the children enjoyed trying on the gloves and face masks as well. They were given a tooth brushing demonstration and all had a go with a mouth model. There was also a question and answer session at the end for the children to freely ask questions on any topics that were not covered. This was quite lively! They then all received a sticker from the dentist.

We enjoyed visiting the school and encouraging the children to take up dentistry in the future.