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Dental Membership PlanFor patients who are members of our plan, please call the number on your membership card to access the on-call dentist. They are available from 5-9pm on weekdays and from 9-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

EmergenciesFor our “registered” NHS patients* we will offer you an appointment within 24 hours during normal surgery opening times.

Please note, our reception staff are not clinically trained to diagnose problems and any emergency appointments are provided in order to resolve the immediate symptoms and not necessarily provide a permanent solution.

Additionally you may not see your usual dentist for this appointment since addressing the symptoms is our priority. A further appointment may be needed for this which may be subject to additional NHS fees.

EmergenciesOut of hours care is provided by NHS England and advice can be obtained any evening up to 9.30pm by calling 0161 476 9651.

At the weekend and bank holidays, emergency treatment is available for those patients with severe pain, swelling, bleeding or dental trauma. Routine “urgent” treatment such as lost fillings, loose crowns etc. are not covered by this service.  Please phone 0161 476 9651 between 9am and 9.30pm,and if necessary an appointment will be arranged for you.

Since this service is provided by NHS England we have no control over the delivery or organisation of these arrangements.

Due to the increasing demand upon our NHS resources we are currently unable to offer NHS emergency appointments to patients who have not been seen at the practice or who have “fallen off”** our NHS list.

We appreciate that some people only want to attend the dentist when they have a problem and we will always endeavour to see anybody who has a dental emergency but please note that non-NHS fees will apply.


*Those patients that have been in for a check-up in the last 3 years
**Those patients who have not had a check up at the practice for 3 years or more

Find us at: County Road Dental Practice, 158-160 County Road, Liverpool L4 5PH

Find us at:

County Road Dental Practice, 158-160 County Road, Liverpool L4 5PH


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