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Young children should see a dentist as soon as their first teeth come through and before their first birthday.

This practice supports the Dental Check by One campaign to increase the number of 0-2 year olds accessing dental care. More information on why this campaign is important.
Why by the age of 1?

Your dentist can check that your child’s teeth are developing as they should. Decay can start in your toddler’s teeth, but it is almost always preventable – your child can grow up with healthy teeth that are free from decay.

What can the dentist do when a child is so young?

Your child can meet your dentist and their team and hopefully feel at ease and open their mouth for an examination. We have a play area where young children can relax whilst they are waiting to see the dentist and we have books such as Peppa Pig Dentist trip that you can read to your child before you go into the surgery. It is important that you are positive about taking your child to the dentist and if you are anxious, do try your best not to let your child see this.

What about older children?

All children should have a check up every 3 or 6 months. Its free on the NHS and it’s the best way to ensure that your child’s teeth are free from decay.

We also sell disclosing tablets that contain a vegetable dye that shows in bright blue and red if your child has a problem area in their mouth. You can then help them with their brushing technique. For more information on this product see the TePe website.

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