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Our dentists carry out a 10 point dental health check during your examination. This includes:

1. Medical Check

We can check your general health to ensure our treatment will be safe and whether there are any problems which could affect your mouth or problems in your mouth which could affect your general health.

2. Lifestyle Risks

Do you smoke or drink or suffer from stress?

3. Oral Hygiene Diet

Do you brush your teeth regularly and clean between them effectively?

4. Diet

Is the food or drink you consume having an affect on your teeth?

5. Head and Neck Examination

Are there any lumps or bumps that are a concern? Are there any signs of throat or skin cancer?

6. Jaw Joint Check

Do they move smoothly and silently? Is there any pain, locks or clicks?

7. Soft Tissue Check

Are your tongue, lips and cheeks healthy and free from signs of cancer?

8. Teeth and Restorations

Are they healthy or are there signs of decay or excessive tooth wear?

9. Gum Check

Are your gums pink and healthy or are there signs of gum disease?

10. Investigations

Such as x-rays, photos, models to help identify any hidden problems.

Find us at: County Road Dental Practice, 158-160 County Road, Liverpool L4 5PH

Find us at:

County Road Dental Practice, 158-160 County Road, Liverpool L4 5PH


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